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Chiang Mai Holistic Teachers

Nim Yoga Teacher

Nim Young

Yoga Teacher, Sound Healing Therapy, Reiki Level 1 & 2, Sivananda 200 TTC

Nim is passionate about a holistic approach to wellbeing and balance and has trained in a range of modalities including yoga, reiki and sound healing.

Having worked as a holistic practitioner for Thailand’s largest drug rehabilitation program she saw first hand how a holistic approach changes people and helps them finding meaning, purpose and happiness.

Nim is one of the founders of Chiang Mai Holistic. She has been studying yoga for over 8 years and completed a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Sivananda Thailand in 2016. She regularly teaches individual and group classes from beginner to advanced levels at Chiang Mai Holistic and other studios, treatment centres and resorts in Chiang Mai. Nim believes as Sivananda says that Yoga is The Way! In addition to yoga Nim is a certified Sound Healer levels 1 and 2, and helps lead sound baths weekly using Tibetan bowls. Nim also practices sound healing on individual clients and incorporates this with reiki energy.

Ali Young Sound Therapy

Ali Young

International Sound Healing Therapist / Trainer/ Co-Owner

Ali is an international sound healing therapist and teacher who regularly teaches workshops and certifications for crystal bowls and Tibetan bowls healing at Chiang Mai Holistic and worldwide. He has been a sound therapy practitioner for many years. He has studied with teachers from India, Nepal, and Australia to learn how to bring the best healing to those who need it. He uses many different types of sounds to help people find their true inner peace.

Ali specialises in working with people who suffer from addictions, traumas, anxiety, depression, stress and overthinking. He teaches people how to use sound to bring them back to inner stillness and peace and start living life how they REALLY want to. His teaching approach is fun and exciting, allowing students to become vulnerable and bring out real emotions.

He regularly runs group mindfulness and meditations at Thailand’s largest addiction treatment centres. Through his work at the rehabs, he helps people find clarity of mind and become present.

He is available for one on one sound healing private or group sound healing sessions.

Poi Sound Therapy

Poi Anutcha

Manager Chiang Mai Holistic/Sound Healer/Event Organizer

As a therapist with more than five years of experience in the wellness industry driving the growth of good health in children and Thai teenagers. She specializes in advising, managing and overseeing wellness programs. She believes that Wellness is more than being free from illness; it is the spirited process of change and growth that lasts for a lifetime.
* Tibetan Bowls and Crystal Bowls Sound Therapist
* RYT 200 hr
*  Wanakeeta Sound of Spirit organizer
* Manager at Chiang Mai Holistic Wellness Center

She is available for one on one sound healing private or group sound healing sessions.

Poi Sound Therapy

Ryu Mangkorn

Music Producer

Ryu Mangkorn Kaewya is the music producer at Chiang Mai Holistic. He graduated with a certificate in music and audio production. He has a passion in music and sound since he was a teenager. He enjoys playing instruments such as drum, guitar and many more instruments. He always wants to be successful in a music career

Tanya Sound Therapy

Tanya Watt

Tibetian Bowls Sounds Healer, Face Lifting Massage, Reiki Level 1

Tanya is a holistic wellness practitioner at CMH. She specializes in Tibetan bowl sound healing therapy, face lifting massage, and reiki. With a deep commitment to natural and locally crafted products, she creates a serene and rejuvenating experience for her clients. Tanya’s holistic approach to well-being promotes inner balance and relaxation, making her a trusted source of holistic healing in her community.

Tuku Didgeridoo

Nong Tuku

Didgeridoo teacher, Didgeridoo vibration session , Esalen massage practitioner

Nong learned to play the didgeridoo in 2013 and formed a band called Tuku Didgeridoo in 2015, which combines tribal music with international instruments.

Since 2017, work has begun on the use of Didgeridoo vibration Combine it with Esalen massage style with a Japanese friend. There are often opportunities to open a small Didgeridoo workshop in Japan.

Veerayuth Gong Teacher


The Sound Meditation / Gong Trainer

Veerayuth was born in 1967 and holds both a Bachelor degree in Survey Engineering as well as a Masters degree in Buddhist studies from MCU Chiang Mai, Thailand. He worked as a Survey Engineer in both construction and consultant companies for over 20 years. His combined studies in Engineering and Buddhism have allowed him to blend Western science with Eastern art to develop an enlightening program called “Mindfulness Gong Bath” – an orchestral sound bath and travel highlight for many visiting Chiang Mai, Thailand, since September 2017.  

He enjoys teaching his Mindfulness Gong techniques by inviting the Gong to sing along to the smooth touch of the fingertips. Attendees learn how to resonate / immerse into this powerful, vibrant sound (NATURE). As the human body begins to resonate, our cells recalibrate and return to their natural, healthy state. 
You are welcome to experience his Mindfulness Gong Bath every Saturday afternoon at ChiangMai Holistic.


Boom Pavish

Sound Healer, Breathwork, Energy Healing

Boom is a sound healing practitioner, a trained rebirthing breathwork facilitator, an energy healing practitioner.

Boom has the belief and experience that we can get into a better state of mind, body, and spirit with the wisdom of sound and vibrational medicine and also through breathing as a simple yet powerful tool.