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28 Day Recovery Program Chiang Mai

The Ultlimate 3 Day Holistic Wellness Program

At Chiang Mai Holistic, we offer a fantastic wellness program that will allow you to unlock your inner potential. We believe wellness comes in many different forms. Some people can express themselves through art or dance, while others can connect through meditation or yoga. There is no right or wrong. This powerful 3-day wellness program was designed to introduce you to a variety of beautiful holistic practices so that you can strengthen the connection to your true self. After all, is this not the MOST important thing in your life?

Below is the schedule for this AMAZING program ❤️

Below is a list of workshops/classes that will be included in this exciting 3 day wellness program

Reiki is a form of alternative medicine called energy healing. Its "universal energy" technique allows us to do just that. Reiki practitioners use palm-healing or hands-on healing to promote emotional or physical therapy.

Hypnotherapy is a complementary and alternative medicine in which the mind is used to help with a variety of problems, such as breaking bad habits or coping with stress, anxiety, fears, phobias and many more.

Tibetan and Crystal Bowls Sound Bath
Included in the program is a 2 group healing session. On Saturday there will be a Tibetan bowls sound bath and on Sunday there will be Crystal bowls sound bath. The sound frequencies produced by the different bowls restore energy in the correct parts of the body, making every cell flow at a healthy rate.

Thai Bossed Gong
Lye down and receive the amazing sound waves of the beautiful Thai Gong. Let’s have a spiritual journey through this wonderful sound. Feel free to relax and naturalize your mind by this POWERFUL ENERGY!!!

Nutrition Workshop
Nutrition is an important part of our daily lives. If we eat right, our minds and body will be healthy. In this workshop, you will learn about some common myths and beliefs regarding nutrition and food. You will learn some facts and science-based evidence, to prove why they are either true or false.

Ecstatic Dance
Join us for a wonder-filled soulful journey of free dance, blissful beats and movement expression through wireless headphones & a live Dj!. Ecstatic dance is a form of dance in which the dancers, abandon themselves to the rhythm and move freely as the music takes them, leading to trance and a feeling of ecstasy, with the intention of creating a HEALING journey.

Art Therapy
Connect yourself to your subconsciousness through art. Art therapy is a creative process aiming to let one express thoughts, feelings, and emotions through various kinds of techniques such as sketching, drawing, and painting in order to improve emotional balance, harmony, and self-love.

Dancecestral Journey
In our dance the Key Is The Music that deeply resonates with the Seven Major Chakras, powerfully Aligning and Integrating the Physical, Mental and Emotional Bodies.

We’ll journey through the 7 main Energy Centers - from Root to Crown, using our Breath, Voice and Movement, re-discovering and re-integrating some of the hidden aspects of our being. The HARMONY of the guidance, the music and the spontaneous movement helps us to flow into a state of balanced vitality and well-being.

Shadow Work
In this special session, we will take a quick dive into Shadow Work, answering questions, such as What is Shadow? How is Shadow holding me back in life? What are some easy ways to spot the Shadow?; and finally, How re-integrating the Shadow will transform every aspect of my life? Come and learn how you can discover the hidden parts of yourself to live life to the fullest.

Restorative Yoga Classes
Helps you recover from other yoga and physical exercise as well as calm the mind and lift your energy levels. "Hug the pillow", relax in the candlelit room and listen to music as you hold yoga poses for extended periods of time. Each class will consist of only a few asanas and is suitable for yogis of all levels.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga
Raise your energy levels for the day ahead or decompress from the day with vinyasa flow. The flow and sequence will vary depending on the teacher but is sure to make you sweat! Note this class is not suitable for beginners or people with low fitness levels

What’s included in this amazing program?

Access to the following workshops:
- Tibetan Bowls Sound Bath
- Crystal Bowls Sound Bath
- Ecstatic Dance with live DJ
- Reiki Healing
- TRE (Trauma Release Exercises)
- Thai Gong Sound Bath
- Vinyasa Flow Yoga
- Restorative Yoga
- Shadow Work
- Art Therapy
- Nutrionist Workshop
- Hypnotherapy
- Learn to Create Your Own Flower Mandala
- Meditation with Tibetan Nun
- Piercing Light Breathwork and Meditation
- Dancestral Journey
1 pot of tea every day

What’s not included in this program?

- Accommodation
- Food
- Flights
- Transport

3 Day Wellness Program Dates and Cost

The next available dates our October 2nd to 4th 2020. The cost of this unique 3-day wellness program is only 3,999 baht per person.

Upcoming Trainings At Chiang Mai Holistic

We are excited to announce that Chiang Mai Holistic has some amazing trainings coming up in the next few months.
Make sure you add these dates to your calendar so you don't miss out

Tibetan Bowls Sound Healing Therapy Training


Become a sound healing practitioner and therapist using the power of Tibetan bowls

Crystal Bowls Sound Bath Training


Learn how to play the frosted crystal singing bowls and lead your own sound bath.

Become a Reiki practitioner


Looking to develop your own personal practice or give Reiki to others?