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Chiang Mai Holistic Crystal Singing Bowls Sound Bath

  • Teacher : Ali Young
  • Price : 90 Baht / FREE CMH Members
  • Date : Every Sunday
  • Category : Meditation / Sound Bath
  • Start : 19:30
  • Finish : 20:30

Come Join Our Weekly Chiang Mai Crystal Singing Bowls Sound Bath.

Every Sunday at Chiang Mai Holistic we have a group crystal singing bowls sound bath. This crystal bowls sound bath is for all types. Come relax and quieten your mind. Allow the sounds of the crystal singing bowls take you to another place.

About the Crystal Singing bowls

Crystal singing bowls are made of pure crystal quartz. When played they produce the most amazing tones. The tones create an altered state of consciousness that move throughout your body. When we are immersed in these tones our awareness expands and we enter a deep meditative state. This helps to release blocked emotions in a positive way.

The Bones, DNA and blood of our body have a crystalline structure. The human body therefore has a natural affinity to quartz, so the pure tones resonate greatly with the physical and subtle bodies facilitating profound healing.

The quartz crystal bowls we use for this meditation are associated with the seven charkras, each chakra has it's own musical note.
C - Root Chakra (Earth Element)
D - Sacral Chakra (Water Element)
E - Solar Plexus Chakra (Fire Element)
F - Heart Chakra (Air Element)
G - Throat Chakra (Sound Element)
A - Third Eye Chakra (Light Element)
B - Crown Chakra (Thought Element)

Crystal singing bowls give us the ability to listen and hear, not only with our ears, but with our whole body. The quartz bowls bring pure light through sound as specific colour back into human aura bringing about the harmonious transformation of body, heart and mind into an elevated level. Larger bowls produce deeper sounds resonating more with the physical. Smaller bowls create a higher frequency associated more with the spiritual plane.

If you have found the sound bath effective and enjoyable and would like a deeper experience, please consider booking in for an individual sound healing session. In these sessions the bowls are placed in direct contact with your body to provide an even deeper and more meaningful experience! See the Sound Healing session page.

TO BOOK: Please message us via our Facebook Page or on LINE id @cmholistic (with the @ sign).

If you want to learn how to play the crystal singing bowls and lead your own sound bath, then we also offer a 1 day crystal bowl sound bath training.