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Freelance Holistic Services Chiang Mai Thailand

Freelance Holistic Services Chiang Mai Thailand

We are Chiang Mai Holistic, a wellness and holistic centre located at the edge of the popular Niman area, open 7 days a week and helping people at our centre and throughout Chiang Mai and Thailand.

Our centre has a growing network of holistic practitioners with rights to work in Thailand. We ensure that all our associates are trained and qualified, and have experience working with us at our Centre in Niman. We would be most glad to assist you with your needs.

Who Do We Provide Services For?

Below are some examples of organisations we currently provide freelance services to. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs and how we can help you.

Hotels - We provide a variety of services to hotels on a one-on-one and group basis, including yoga, tibetan bowls sound baths, crystal bowls sound baths, sound healing, reiki, fitness programs and personal training, as CMH or on behalf of your hotel wearing your uniform.

Travelling retreat hosts - We can help plan and/or provide holistic practitioners for your Chiang Mai retreat. Chiang Mai Holistic can offer teachers with experience in various holistic programs including yoga, sound baths, fitness, qi gong, and meditation.

Addiction Treatment Centres - CMH provide a range of holistic practitioners to Thailand’s top rehabs situated here in Chiang Mai. Our teachers have significant experience working inside rehabs and understand the sensitivity and special needs of clients in early recovery. We can assist with both temporary backfill, such as cover for annual leave or during busy season, or more permanent solutions such as a regular weekly class or weekly one-on-one sessions with your clients. The services can be provided on behalf of your organisation, wearing your uniform.

Other yoga & wellness centres - We understand that sometimes you need teachers, whether your current teacher is away or you are looking for a mixture of modalities.

Some Of The Holistic Services We Provide?

Mindfulness Meditation
We will create a unique and individually tailored mindfulness meditation practice to help you get in touch with your intrinsic motivators and real purpose for existence. Meditation is not a luxury; it is a necessity. We will help you create a daily disciplined practice.

Hypnotherapy is a complementary and alternative medicine in which the mind is used to help with a variety of problems, such as breaking bad habits or coping with stress, anxiety, fears, phobias and many more.

Sound Healing
Included in the package is a weekly private sound healing session. Tibetan and Crystal bowls will be placed on and around you. The sound frequencies produced by the different bowls restore energy in the correct parts of the body, making every cell flow at a healthy rate.

Reiki is a form of alternative medicine called energy healing. Its "universal energy" technique allows us to do just that. Reiki practitioners use palm-healing or hands-on healing to promote emotional or physical therapy.

TRE (Trauma Release Exercise)
TRE is a simple yet innovative series of six simple exercises. Each level helps individuals release stress or tension, which has built up due to busy lifestyles or have occurred as a result of traumatic experiences, allowing you to rejuvenate your body for the day ahead.

Private Yoga
Private Yoga has so many benefits such as fitness, breathing, body flexibility, and being an alternative to static meditation in helping with depression, anxiety and lift your mood. We have many styles and teachers of Yoga available. We will customize a yoga practice that works for you.

Personal Trainer
When it comes to an individual's health and fitness, each one of us has a different body type, abilities, restrictions, level of fitness, etc. Therefore each one of us requires a fitness program designed specifically for us taking into consideration all these facets.

Qi Gong
Qi Gong Is an ancient technique of utilizing holistic and body-posture movements, meditation, and breathing patterns to improve your physiological health. This training will help you cultivate your discipline and determination, and help you develop mindfulness and clarity.

Thai Massage
We will introduce you to the authentic Thai Lanna Massage technique, which is world-renowned for its wide range of health benefits. Thai Massage offers a broad spectrum of relaxation that will be experienced across your mind, body and soul.

Membership to CMH’s Group Studio
Included is an unlimited membership where you will get access to all group classes at our centre. Being part of the community is an important part of this package. You will have both private and group lessons made available to you.

Available to you is a personal nutritionist coach. Nutrition is one of the first things we look at when it comes to creating a new holistic lifestyle. If you don't eat and drink right then, this will affect a lot of other areas in your life. Our nutritionist will create a weekly food plan for you.

Chi Nei Tsang
A traditional form of healing touch (massage) therapy, which is applied to the abdomen; Chi Nei Tsang is used to stimulate and manipulate muscles and connective tissue, organs and systems located in the stomach. Improves the flow of energy into the abdominal region

Energy Works
We have a lot of fantastic energy healers at Chiang Mai Holistic. We offer different private and group sessions. Clear your old and unwanted energies, fill you with new energies, raise the frequencies and balance the physical, emotional and mental bodies

Spa Treatments
We have partnered up with one of the best spas in Chiang Mai to offer you different types of body scrubs, body wraps or facial treatments. Self care comes in many ways, and relaxing in a beautiful spa is one of them. You know you deserve it.

Workshop Providers
By request we can prepare special workshops or repeat public workshops at your facility, for example, introduction to yoga, how to meditate, crystal bowl meditations, Tibetan bowl meditations, healthy life, yogic theory, reiki level 1 trainings, and much more!