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Many people think that Qigong is a difficult subject to comprehend. In some ways, this is true. However you must understand regardless of how difficult the Qigong theory and practice of a particular system is the basic theory and principles are very simple and remain the same for all of the Qigong styles.  

The basic theory and principles are the roots of Qigong practice. If you understand these roots, you will be able to practice correctly and grow. All of the Qigong styles originated from these roots, but each one has developed differently. It is impossible to discuss all the basic Qigong principles here, however, remember as my Master told me 10% theory 90% practice.

In order to have a strong and healthy body, you must learn how to keep the Qi circulating smoothly in your body, and to build up an abundant store of Qi. In order to do this, you must first understand the Qi circulatory and storage system in your body.

According to Chinese medical/Qigong theory the human body has twelve major channels and eight vessels through which the Qi circulates. The twelve channels are like rivers that distribute Qi throughout the body, and also connect the extremities (fingers and toes) to the internal organs. The eight vessels, which are often referred to as the extraordinary vessels (or weird vessels as I like to call them weird because nobody really understands them fully yet) function like reservoirs and regulate the distribution and circulation of qi in your body.

There are two main purposes in qigong training. First to maintain the smooth circulation of Qi (bioelectricity), and second, to fill up the Qi vessels (Qi reservoirs) with Qi. In order to have smooth circulation of Qi we must regulate the electric potential difference that controls the Qi flow (Qigong movements and patterns, seated and standing meditations) secondly to remove all sources of resistance in the path of the circulation (the practice of learning to relax and to begin to cut down unnecessary tension in the body). In order to fill up the qi vessels, we need to know how to increase the charge in our main battery the real Lower Dantien. (Dantien breathing) as a first step.

The Five Regulations/Cultivations of Qigong (Wu Tiao)

Inner smiling
Tapping Qi Gong
Six healing sounds

Meditation with the 5 sacred syllables of the warrior
Qi Gong Wai Dan
Li Wu Ji chant