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Sound Healing
Chiang Mai Sound Healing

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The singing bowl is one of the most primal and useful forms of healing created by humans. The metal bowls not only create beautiful sounds, they are excellent for reducing stress, deep relaxation, chakra balancing and overall holistic healing.

Individual Sound Healing Sessions

We offer different types of treatments. Three of the most popular are listed below:

1. Aura Cleansing / Chakra Balancing / Energy Rebalance - This is one of the most popular treatments. Tibetan Bowls are placed and played all around your body, head and along your energy centers (chakras). The bowls are then struck in different sequences to create mixed emotions and healings. Different mallets are used to create different sounds and vibrations for the body to absorb and release. A total of 15 Tibetan bowls are used during this 60-minute treatment. The vibration and sound will put you in a deeply relaxed state, which allows healing to happen. The cost of this treatment is 1,750 Baht (60 - 90 minutes).

2. Traditional Deep Healing Tibetan Bowl Massage - This treatment originates from different Nepali healing techniques. The purpose of this treatment is to open up the nervous system and allow impurities to be released, providing deep relaxation. During this treatment, you will lye down and allow the vibration and sound of the Tibetan bowl to relax the body, which starts the process of self-healing. The Tibetan bowl is moved around your body along specific meridians lines. This treatment is a total of 60 - 90 minutes and costs 1,750 Baht.

3. Group sound baths - For the sound baths, we will use fifteen Tibetan singing bowls, seven crystal bowls, metal pipes, crystal pyramids, Tibetan bells, Gongs, and other healing instruments. The Tibetan bowls are placed around the group and moved around through the room to intensify the healing process and give you maximum healing effect. It's called a sound bath because you're immersed in sound like you would be in a bath of water. This treatment is a total of 60 minutes and costs 2,000 Baht (up to 10 people)

Tibetan Singing Bowls Sound Healing Training

We are offering 2 days certified Tibetan bowl sound healing training course. To learn more about this training and how to become a certified sound therapist, visit our Tibetan Bowls Sound Therapy Training page.

Crystal Singing Bowls Training

If you are interested in learning more about sound healing and the crystal singing bowls, we also offer a short 1 day crystal singing bowl training. Learn how to play the bowls and lead your own sound bath.

Sound Baths

Also available every week we have group Tibetan Bowls Sound Bath and Crystal Singing Bowls Sound Bath. The Tibetan bowls our on a Thursday and the crystal singing bowls are on a Sunday. You will need to book a place for both of these events as they fill up quick.