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Below are details of upcoming workshops and special events at Chiang Mai Holistic. Regular activities such as our meditations can be found on our group schedule (link). New events are added to this page regularly, so make sure to check back in during the month!. The centre also hosts a number of guest events regularly. These are run by visiting practitioners and others who book rooms at our centre.

Below our the events / workshops for the month of January :

Forever Young Face Yoga Workshop
Forever Young Face Yoga - Refresh your face Naturally and Feel Fabulous no matter what your age!

Forever Young Face yoga is an all-natural anti-aging facial yoga practice. It involves exercising your face muscles just as you would your body with the goal of naturally tightening, toning and brightening your face.
Results include:reducing wrinkles, creating a more symmetrical face, decreasing stress, increasing confidence, and more!
Date: Saturday 12th
Price: 1,800THB
Learn more here: Details About Workshop

Psychological Benefits of Mindfulness Practice
Mindfulness and the development of awareness are central to all Buddhist Traditions but can differ considerably according to the traditional school, teacher and the needs of the individual.
Mindfulness is the means for progressing on the path, and how it is used depends on the level of our practice. Gradually recognising the nature of our own innate consciousness as awareness itself and learning to sustain that awareness throughout our daily life will be the focus of this workshop.
Date: Sunday 13th
Price: FREE / Donation
Learn more here: Details About Event

Akasha Meditation with Bowls
Akasha is in everything, it is a energy field that holds the existence.... The Akashic Records is the registration of The Akasha activity. It is the energy field where all the activity of the existence is recorded.
In this guide meditation with the beautiful and touching sound of the Tibetan and Crystal bowls combined, we will travel to the Akashic Records, to recieve all the love, healing and light that they have for us.
Date: Wednesday 16th
Price: 90 THB
Learn more here: Details About Event

Opening Our Heart
In this workshop, we will look at the definition of suffering/dissatisfaction in Buddhism, and look at the three types of suffering as defined by the Buddha’s teachings.
We can clearly understand that all beings as well as ourselves wish to be free from pain and its causes. We will also come to understand that dissatisfaction that arises in our life is not an obstacle to our path or to our happiness, but is, in fact, the gateway to the path to overcoming suffering. We will examine the causes of and the nature of our basic human goodness that is free of suffering. Practice will very much be aimed at incorporating into our daily life.
Date: Sunday 20th
Price: FREE / Donation
Learn more here: Details About Event

Akashic Records Practice
*Resolving doubts, questions and discussion about Akashic Records practice.
*Chanting Akasha Meditation to connect.
*Practices, asking question for ourselves and others.
*Message for the world, ancoring the light of the Records in this moment of energy shifting in the Earth.
Date: Monday 21st
Price: 250 Baht
Learn more here: Details About Event

Kind Awareness: Freedom through practice
This group is open to anyone who would like to deepen their understanding of insight meditation practices and Buddhist psychology. No prior meditation experience necessary. Participants will gain in understanding of the basic tenets of the Buddha’s teaching i.e. wisdom, compassion and ethical integrity. How we can apply this ancient wisdom teaching to our current life and society. We believe that the teachings found in early Buddhism are a revolutionary and rebellious path to inner freedom. The group will focus on engaged Buddhist practice as well as everyday mindfulness.
Date: Wednesday 23rd
Price: Donation
Learn more here: Details About Event

If you are interested in hosting a guest event at CMH please refer to our Contact Us page