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Chiang Mai Holistic Workshops / Events

Below are details of upcoming workshops and special events at Chiang Mai Holistic. Regular activities such as our meditations can be found on our group schedule (link). New events are added to this page regularly, so make sure to check back in during the month!. The centre also hosts a number of guest events regularly. These are run by visiting practitioners and others who book rooms at our centre.

Below our the events / workshops for the month of February :

Inner Child Workshop
You will be taken through an IMP process that facilitates reconnection with your INNER CHILD. This INNER CHILD connection ignites the energy of abundance, gratitude and love that can propel you into creating a conscious way of living.

Here is a simple process to reconnect you with the vitality and curiosity that exists naturally in all children, in our inner child, before it was conditioned out of us through various learnings and teachings of what is expected of us, what is realistic, what is safe etc.

This sense of adventure and enthusiasm of the inner child will support in clearing the past programming that has been stopping you from moving forward in your relationships whether personal, social or business.
Date: Sunday 3rd
Price: 1,000THB
Learn more here: Details About Workshop

'Kirtan' is the ancient ceremony of singing the Divine Names, always in Sanskrit language. The vibration of the Kirtan singing activates our heart (Anahata) chakra and is connecting us with the Universal Heart.

The role of the Kirtan leader is essential, in holding the ceremonial space and securing it from non-beneficial vibrations. For this reason, the facilitator must have evolved through the long process of self-purification, daily yoga practice and advanced Kriya yoga cleansing techniques.
Date: Saturday 9th
Price: 200 baht
Learn more here: Details About Event

Innerdance Energy Work
nnerdance Energy Work is a process for healing, release, insight, clarity, and meditation.

This is not dancing in the traditional sense. Instead, participants lay down and receive verbal guided relaxation. A playlist is used and carries a specific sequence of brainwave frequencies, similar to binaural beats. The body picks up these sound vibrations to open up your consciousness.
Date: Monday 11th
Price: 350 Baht
Learn more here: Details About Event

Healing Dance
It’s a free and safe space to explore and express yourself through your natural movements, however you feel that day. You will be guided and then we will go with the flow, but I’ll make sure everybody feels comfortable.
Date: Saturday 9th
Price: 400 Baht
Learn more here: Details About Event

Accessing your Akashic Records - Level 1 - 2 day training
During this 2 day training you will learn how to access your own Records and connect with your guides.

We prepare our bodies with guide meditations to open our energy Channels in order to connect our Channel with the source of the Records. And we will close with a Group Channeling session.
Date: Saturday 23rd - Sunday 24th
Price: 4,800 Baht for 2 days
Learn more here: Details About Event

Women Circle
When I share in women circles or Red Tents, I remember the power of the Tribe, the idea of we are all mirror of each other, and we are all at the same distance of the central fire, meaning we are all the same and we learn form each other wisdom and experience. Therefore all the ceremonies and activities are participative and each woman is invited to have an active role during the ceremony.
Date: Saturday 23rd
Price: 90 Baht
Learn more here: Details About Event

Akasha Meditation with Bowls
Akasha is in everything, it is a energy field that holds the existence.... The Akashic Records is the registration of The Akasha activity. It is the energy field where all the activity of the existence is recorded.
In this guide meditation with the beautiful and touching sound of the Tibetan and Crystal bowls combined, we will travel to the Akashic Records, to recieve all the love, healing and light that they have for us.
Date: Monday 25th
Price: 90 THB
Learn more here: Details About Event

If you are interested in hosting a guest event at CMH please refer to our Contact Us page