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Bossed Gong Bath

  • Teacher : Veerayuth Pongsiri
  • Price : 200 Baht
  • Date : Every Sunday
  • Category : Sound
  • Start : 14:00
  • Finish : 15:30

Weekly Bossed Gong Bath

Come and join the Gong Bath and Sound Healing Meditation in our peaceful, harmonious environment. Feel free to relax and train your mind by rubbing, absorbing a “feeling tone”- OM sound and the pure and powerful energy radiated by the Gong.

Let’s have a journey through the sound of symphonic Asian bossed Gong. These beautiful vibrations will travel around and through your body, which allows you to relax and go deep on your personal journey. When you awaken from the meditative state, you feel relaxed, centred and peaceful.

His name is Veerayuth Pongsiri, he has an engineering background (1995) and holds a master degree in Buddhist studies from MCU Chiang Mai (2017). His studies allowed him to blend western science with eastern art. He is deeply interested in Sound Healing Meditation by the Gong. With his insight meditation experiences in the past, he can develop the Sound Healing Meditation by the Gong (since September 2017) and apply this powerful tool with the western & eastern knowledge as Solfeggio theory, binaural beats theory, a map of consciousness theory and the hidden messages in water.

Since 2017, he has played a role as Peace Engineer---to make the world more peaceful. On his weekday, he always stays at Tung Yu temple to share his meditation experiences to many of the foreigners. He also enjoys sharing this kind of vibrational energy to his students who are blind, because he believes that the powerful energy from the Gong can activate their third eye.

So, he would like to share the way to clear all the seven Chakras and let your mind & body heal themselves with a powerful energy from the Asian bossed Gong. Come join us.!!!

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