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Access Your Akashic Records

  • Teacher : Rebecca Lecasa
  • Price : 4,800 Baht
  • Date : 22nd - 23rd December
  • Category : Akashic
  • Start : 10:00 (each day)
  • Finish : 18:00 (each day)

Inititation To Akashic Records - Level 1: 2 Day Training

During this 2 day training you will learn how to access your own Records and connect with your guides.

We prepare our bodies with guide meditations to open our energy Channels in order to connect our Channel with the source of the Records. And we will close with a Group Channeling session. Content theory and practice
1. What is Akasha
2. What are the Akashic Records? -Akashic Records history, definition
3. What is Channeling? -Different ways of channeling -Impact of channeling in our selves.
4. What is a dimension?
5. Earth actual vibration swift
6. Energy structure of the body -Master glands -Chakras -Sacred Geometry
7. What is the Soul, the human experience and our life purpose? -The transparency of the soul
8. The Diary -Channeling the Records -Registration of the experience.
9. Guides, Angels, love ones and Ascend Master -Love letters
10. Rays of light vibration and features
11. What is the Grace? -Grace points and Praying
12. Akashic Healing, Karma-creativity, incarnation cicles.

The Benefits

  • Heals Karma and relationship
  • A tool for our own ascension path
  • We feel more connected with our inner wisdom and our guides
  • Allows us to live more in the present, connecting with the flow of the Universe
  • Gives us a better understanding of our soul purpose
  • We open ourselves up to new concepts of unconditional love and life
  • Raises our energetic vibration.

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